Valor Fitness BD-58 | Half Rack - Valor Fitness
Valor Fitness BD-58 | Half Rack - Valor Fitness
Valor Fitness BD-58 | Half Rack - Valor Fitness
Valor Fitness BD-58 | Half Rack - Valor Fitness


Valor Fitness BD-58 | Half Rack

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  • HEAVY DUTY SQUAT RACK: One of the STRONGEST racks you will find! Rated for 750 lb, the BD-58 is constructed with a 3" x 3", 11-gauge steel for strength and durability throughout the frame. The floor mount base support adds further stability to this half rack, while you have the option to remove the rubber end caps and bolt the unit to the floor if required for even more stability.
  • MULTI-GRIP PULL UP TOWER: The BD-58 features a multi-grip pull up bar with multiple hand grips so you can perform pull ups or chin ups in up to 5 different positions! This includes a traditional/standard grip, a close grip, wide grip, and a 45-degree angled grip so you can build those back, arm, and shoulder muscles you have been looking for! The pull up station has an adjustable height from 79" to 94" to find the right pull up bar height for you or your gym.
  • VERSATILE TRAINING: In addition to pull ups, use the BD-58 Squat Rack to perform your heavy squat workout with the help of the 23" long safety bars! With 43.5" of width inside this power rack, you can easily slide a bench for both flat and incline bench press. J-hooks can be adjusted to the right height for you to rack or unrack your barbell during both bench and squat workouts, while you can also use the 4 band pegs to get resistance training in with banded squat and bench press workouts!
  • OLYMPIC BARBELL AND PLATE STORAGE: Keep your gym or fitness space clean and organized with the BD-58! The Olympic bar holders on both sides of the frame allow you to easily hook and store up to 2 Olympic barbells. 6 weight storage pegs give you ample bumper plate storage to get your weights off the floor and keep them organized!
  • ADDITIONAL: The BD-58 Squat Rack measures 53" x 73" x 87", but due to the adjustable pull up bar the maximum height is 94". Meant for home or garage gym and light-commercial use. Max weight load of 750 lb. Warranty, 5-year. Arrives in 4 separate boxes.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
BD-58 Half Rack (box 1) 68 85 10 4 53x73x87
  Half Rack (box 2) 75 73 23 4 53x73x87
  Half Rack (box 3) 66 37 15 6 53x73x87
  Half Rack (box 4) 68 45 14 12 53x73x87

The Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack provides everything you need to maximize your home gym while keeping safety in mind. The BD-58 frame is constructed from 3” x 3” 11-gauge Steel for strength and durability throughout the frame and is designed with a floor mount base to prevent any movement in frame. Designed for a weight capacity of 750 lb.

Extra-long, 23” long safety bars have been included for added security. This feature also allows the 4 band pegs that attach to safety bars for the option make your workout even more challenging by adding resistance bands. 2 J-Hooks are included for each side of frame for squats and bench presses.

At the top of BD-58 Rack is a unique multi-grip pull up station. Six different hand grips allow for a range of pull up options including traditional, inside, outside, and 45-degree angle. Finally, the BD-58 includes an ample amount storage including an Olympic Bar Holder on the side of the frame to easily hook and store your weightlifting bar after a workout. 6 Plate Storage Pegs on the back of the unit easily organize bumper plates for a safe and clean home gym.

Bundle option available to add the PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform, constructed of bamboo boards and a metal frame for firm footing and safety while lifting heavy loads. Includes a Transition Plate to prevent tripping when walking on or off the platform. Measuring 81” x 42” x 1.25”, the platform easily slides between each upright on the BD-58.

The Valor Fitness BD-58 provides the rugged feel of a RIG, with the functionality of a Power Rack station. The BD-58 will provide everything you need to complete your home gym while keeping safety and organization in mind.

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